Company Overview

Connectivity was founded in 2012 based on a strong internal belief that language service providers, interpreters, and the people and businesses they serve, deserve better technology and smarter, more efficient and cost-effective methods for facilitating communications between people of diverse cultures and languages wherever, whenever needed, beyond the capabilities of video conferencing or meeting platforms. Connectivity’s new PEOPL product has helped thousands globally bridge language barriers, and language service providers and interpreters to serve customers and markets previously unreachable by them. Today, by leveraging this same platform, we also offer transformative platform solutions in the Technical Sales, Customer Service, Corporate Training and Education markets.

Why Choose Connectivity?

Globalization and immigration are having profound impacts on private and public enterprises around the world where the need for cross-cultural communication, supported with intelligent systems and processes, is at its highest point in history. Connectivity provides a disruptive spoken and sign-language exchange (marketplace) enabling buyers and sellers of interpreter services to gain one-stop-shop access to demand or supply from anywhere on-demand, as well as negotiate pricing that over time will normalize based on the quality and experience of interpreters without regard to geography or provider, making for a more effective, efficient market. We and our platform solutions are focused on the quality of interpreter-facilitated communications but also use of our platform to improve customer outcomes, generate revenue from newly-created digital products and services, and reinventing business models with the Connectivity platform at their core. Connectivity provides a low risk, high return path for our customers to transform customer care and differentiate their brands.

Industry Experience

We have worked with tens of thousands of deaf and hard of hearing consumers and have supported with our technology and interpreters millions of their voice and text-based conversations. We take the same approach with each of our spoken language clients to ensure the timeliness and quality of their experience.

Turnkey Technology

We provide a hosted video and text based interpreting solution, fully integrated with our digital communications platform which streamlines interpreter access and the connectivity essential for routing and completing video remote interpreting calls. All of this is fully interoperable with a variety of backend applications and administrative functions without the need for special equipment or technology.
Customer Service

Customer Experience

Great experiences require not just great interpreters, but a seamless integration of hardware, software, digital content, and service delivery infrastructure. We work diligently supporting the robust technologies, methodologies and processes which are used to make your customer experience second to none.

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Connectivity is a next-generation marketplace designed to continuously provide on-demand and scheduled video-based interpretation services. We leverage our proprietary technology and highly-experienced global network of interpreters to provide you with an innovative communications experience of the highest quality.
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