Meet our team

Say hello to the Connectivity team. A team that has come from all over the globe to gather and change the world of interpreting by building an innovative digital marketplace for language service providers, interpreters and you.

Tom Kielty

President & CEO

For the last 35 years Tom has held CEO, CIO and COO positions in large, global corporations as well as small, technology-driven venture backed companies.  A seasoned, innovative executive and entrepreneur, Tom also has a successful track record of leading strategic change and turnaround initiatives.  Tom is as strong in strategic assessment as he is in operational execution, while building trust and collaborative relationships along the way.  Throughout his career Tom has repeatedly served as the trusted, senior point person for leading the charge in solving complex challenges, especially in technology and operations arenas.  Tom is a high energy leader with a keen ability to assess businesses and do what’s required to catalyze growth.

Erik Hawkinson

Chief Marketing Officer

Erik is a creative problem solver who effectively combines marketing and innovation expertise by leveraging knowledge across multiple industries to deliver value-added results. A strategic and innovative leader with almost 20 years of developing, executing marketing/communications and digital strategies. Erik has spent the last 15 years enhancing his global and international experience in marketing and communication. He spent years developing digital and traditional marketing strategies in both Switzerland and Germany before returning to the U.S. A frequent speaker and panelist in the digital space worldwide, Erik’s mantra has always been to ensure his customer driven initiatives are not reliant on innovation as much as ensuring the core balance of marketing success stays intact no matter the channel nor the product/service being sold. Erik graduated from the University of Wyoming, is an author of two books reflecting on his world travels and insights as he uses his cultural learnings to better his marketing craft.

William “Bill” McClelland

Chief Technology & Operations Officer

Bill is a retired member of the U.S. Army’s Communications Corp. During his 20 plus years he held many challenging positions in a diverse set of assignments including Pershing Nuclear Missiles, Alternate National Military Command Center, Inspector General’s Office and European Communications Engineering Command. Upon retirement, Bill applied his leadership and engineering experience with MCI Communications, where he was charged with integration of system components that made up MCI’s Intelligent System Network. Bill left MCI to start his own successful company using the experience gained in the military and at MCI. Bill built his business into a multimillion dollar technology services company with more than 100 employees.

Chris Heidelbauer

Director Network Engineering & Software Development

Chris has spent nearly 20 years designing and integrating networks, computers and telephony systems. Chris currently holds three patents detailing the integration of computer and telephony systems to pioneer new methods of communication for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing. Chris spent 12 years working for MCI WorldCom with various responsibilities for their Operator Services platform, which handled over 4 million phone calls daily generating $2 billion in annual revenue. In 2004, he collaborated to create the first service by which Deaf customers received their own personal phone number to receive calls from hearing telephone users via Relay.