Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms enable teachers and students to connect with thousands of subject matter experts, attend virtual field trips, and view presentations and demonstrations from companies around the world - all without the need to travel.

Create Opportunity

Provide interaction with professionals and mentors in any industry to enhance students’ knowledge of career options for their future.

Expand students’ experiences outside the classroom walls via remote fieldtrips. (more)

Expand Access

Provide ability-appropriate material and access to off-site courses for advanced students without the need for travel.

Extend the opportunity for study and review sessions, and teacher virtual office hours.

Engage All Students

Provide sensory appropriate classrooms and workspaces for special needs students.

Allow English Language Learners to fully participate in all activities, classes, and assemblies with the assistance of live, remote language interpreters.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer enables a core group of teachers and administrators to receive first-hand training on a subject, policy, or procedure and bring this information back to remaining staff members. Provide staff members the ability to connect anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Increase Efficiency

Provide continuing education courses and training modules without the time and expense of traveling. (more)

Enable Access

Recording of trainings can be made available for reference and future training.

Share Best Practices

Trained staff members can set up one-on-one appointments with other staff members to pass along knowledge and best practices.

Community Collaborations

Community collaborations provide endless opportunity for students to connect with mentors, alumni, and professionals from around the world. Students can explore their world like never before thanks to off-site mentors, presentations made by companies worldwide, and access to professionals in every industry.

Involve Alumni

Collaborate with alumni to demonstrate careers and provide networking opportunities for current students. (more)

Explore Communities

Connect students to the world by linking with mentors within your own community and beyond.

Provide Experiences

Experience life beyond the classroom walls without the constraints of time or travel.

Teacher Training

Teacher training is essential to any successful school. Encourage teachers to advance their skills and continue learning via connection to virtual trainings, courses, and professional development opportunities.

Broaden Perspectives

Provide easy connections between teachers in any school, any community, any time. (more)

Connect with Experts

Connect teachers with subject matter experts to help facilitate expanded or differentiated learning for students of all learning levels.

Advance Skills

Enhance in-service days by connecting teachers to other highly skilled teachers or experts in their specific subject areas.

Students 2 Science Virtual Labs (S2S V-Labs)

S2S V-Labs has partnered with Connectivity to provide a fully-interactive distance-learning program. S2S has eliminated geographic and language constraints by providing a virtual laboratory environment for students to connect with scientists, conduct experiments, and further their knowledge of New Jersey Learning Standards.


Provide students the opportunity to conduct experiments virtually alongside highly skilled, trained scientists. All grade levels of experiments are available. (more)


Allow students to inquire, explore, and engage with professional scientists. This access encourages students to ask questions and get involved.


Expose students to the endless world of science learning and careers. Ignite a love of science. Inspire individual students to aim for STEM related careers.

Live Content Providers

Live content providers will help encourage participation in life-skills and enrichment activities by providing access to professionals in many industries, viewing of live performances, and participation in extracurricular afterschool classes and activities.


Enrich and improve students’ learning through access to extracurricular classes and activities. (more)


Allow for students’ participation in life-skills classes such as cooking, financial literacy, art, or theater classes without the need to travel.


Enable viewing of theatrical rehearsals or performances, instruction in coding and other STEM related disciplines, and gain access to world language groups.

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Peer to peer mentoring enables students to provide learning support and encouragement to fellow students while gaining beneficial skills in leading, teamwork, and responsibility. Teachers can set up, facilitate, and monitor study sessions and can encourage more group collaboration during assignments without the worry of students finding rides to a central location. Students can connect from any place, at any time, on any device.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting services provided by subject matter experts, are available in over 200 languages. Ensure students and families are able to fully participate with the assistance of professional language interpreters. Interpreters allow cross-cultural communication and collaboration with parents, teachers, students, and mentors worldwide.

Faculty Collaborations

Faculty collaborations provide a convenient space for teachers and administrators within the school district to efficiently discuss best practices and methods for ensuring the success of everyone in the district- student, parent, teacher, administrators, and support staff. Teachers can work together to establish effective lesson plans to reach all learners.

Reduce Costs

Avoid costly travel by connecting with teachers at other schools remotely.

Access a secure connection from anywhere, whenever is most convenient to fit into the school day. (more)

Differentiate Instruction

Provide space for teachers to co-teach and collaborate with other teachers to reach learners at any learning level.

Adopt Best Practices

Share innovative approaches to instructing students.

Provide and gain helpful insight from teachers across the district to better reach all students, of any learning levels, with any learning style.

Parent-Teacher Collaborations

Parent-teacher collaborations empower teachers and busy, working parents with the ability to discuss educational goals and plans to map the best course for student achievement.

Engage Parents

Working parents can connect with teachers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Educate parents on ways to help their child succeed in the classroom by showing materials and classwork. (more)

Communicate Progress

Connect even when parents cannot make it into the classroom.

Clearly communicate the progress of students with the use of language interpreters, on-demand or scheduled ahead of time.

Empower Families

Provide learning materials and access to virtual face-to-face meetings between families and teachers to map out education paths, homework help, and to discuss ways for families to work together towards education success.

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