Connection Test – I Don’t See Myself

You need to have a working camera on your computer. Before clicking the Join button make sure that the appropriate device is selected for Camera under the list of Device Settings. Make sure that no other software is already using the camera. If your camera has a light that shows when it is “in use” it should be off. It should come “on” shortly after you click the Join button.

Enter your name and click the Join button.

If you still don’t see yourself once you have joined the test conference, check the icons along the bottom of the conference window. You can mute the camera, microphone, and speakers and set speaker volume specifically in this app. If any of those icons show up red, click them to enable that device. You can also check in the Settings tab along the left side of the conference window. This will let you change your devices while the conference is in progress. See if there are multiple cameras listed here and select them as needed. You can also try unplugging your camera and re-connecting it after a few seconds.

You can join the test more than once, but you must refresh this page after 10 minutes.

The server is too busy right now.