Connection Test – I Don’t Hear Any Directions

Connectivity requires a small piece of software to operate. On your PC or MAC you will be asked to load a small browser plug-in. On your smartphone or tablet you will be offered the download in your app store automatically. This is a free download. After downloading and installing the software you may need to refresh your browser. (This has been done for you in the window below.)

If the window below is still asking about the software, please proceed with the download and installation again.

You also need to have working speakers or a headset on your computer. Ensure that your computer’s volume is turned up and that your speakers are not muted. Some computers have multiple sound channels available. Before clicking the Join button make sure that the appropriate device is selected for Speaker under the list of Device Settings. (Go ahead and double-check the camera and microphone selection as well.)

Enter your name and click the Join button.

If you still don’t hear verbal instructions once you have joined the test conference, check the icons along the bottom of the conference window. You can mute the camera, microphone, and speakers and set speaker volume specifically in this app. If any of those icons show up red, click them to enable that device. There is also a volume slider that will appear when you place your mouse over the speaker icon. You can also check in the Settings tab along the left side of the conference window. This will let you change your devices while the conference is in progress. See if there are multiple sounds devices listed here and select each one in succession.

You can join the test more than once, but you must refresh this page after 10 minutes.

The server is too busy right now.